I like working on open source projects. Here is a few that I've either started or contributed a significant amount of work to.

  • AcoustID - Audio fingerprint database with free audio identification service
  • MusicBrainz - Open music metadata database
    • Picard - MusicBrainz's official audio file tagger
    • mbslave - Unofficial replication tool for the MusicBrainz database
    • mbdata - SQLAlchemy models for the MusicBrainz database
    • Many other projects, either directly for MusicBrainz or just related to MusicBrainz
  • TagLib - C++ library for reading/writing metadata in audio files
  • Database Modeller - Simple GUI tool for drawing entity-relational diagrams
  • All Pull Requests - Plugin for Atlassian Stash with a project-wide pull requests view
  • python-phoenixdb - Phoenix database adapter for Python

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