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Several times I needed a tool to play with database models on Linux and I haven't found anything decent, so I've decided to write one myself. I've been using Visio's entity-relational diagram features a lot and I like it, so this is where I got ideas for the diagram look and editing UI design from. It's far from complete, but it already does most of the things I needed it to do.

Release 0.3 (2010-01-24)



  • PDF export
  • Support for printing
  • Opening of files passed through the command line arguments (Bug #401595)
  • The recently used files list now always uses absolute paths
  • Implemented auto-scrolling in the diagram view (Bug #420324)
  • The "Close" menu item will now only close the document, not the window (Bug #420322)
  • Use the selected file format in the export dialog, instead of relying only on the extension (Bug #396056)


You can get the development version of the source code using Git:

git clone

You need to have Qt4 installed, then you can run qmake followed by make to build it.


As I mentioned, this is a personal tool and not a very high-priority project, but there are a few things I'd like to implement in near feature:

  • Extend the model to be able to fully represent a physical database schema (at least for PostgreSQL).
  • Use QtScript to allow users to export the schema into SQL scripts, ORM mapping classes, etc.
  • Allow users to manually edit connections in the diagram. Doing this automatically is a very complex problem (even the simplest approximation I could think of), for which I don't have enough time.


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