Chromaprint 1.1 released

A new version of Chromaprint has been released. There are a few bug fixes, fixed compilation error on OS X 10.9 and added support for compilation with libav (FFmpeg is still the preferred library to use with Chromaprint).

The official binaries have been build with FFmpeg 2.1. I have switched to a more automated build system for the binaries, so there might be new problems with them. If you find they do not work as expected, please let me know.


Changes since version 1.0:

  • Fixed potential DoS attack in fingerprint decompression code. (#6)
  • Fixed invalid memory read with some fingerprinter configurations. (#5)
  • Fixed compilation with clang on OS X 10.9 (#7, #9)
  • Added support for audio format conversion with libav. (#2, Gordon Pettey)

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