Twisted Trial and Jenkins

It's not completely obvious how to configure a Twisted-based job that uses Trial for running tests in Jenkins, so hopefully this post will save somebody a little time in the future.

Jenkins needs JUnit-style XML file to parse test results. You can get that output from Trial, if you pass the results thought subunit with junitxml.

Debian-based distributions have those two modules packaged, so you can install them with apt-get.

apt-get install python-subunit python-junitxml

Elsewhere you can use pip or easy_install.

pip install python-subunit junitxml

Then in your Jenkins configuration, you can use the following command and let Jenkins know to collect the test results from results.xml.

trial --reporter=subunit MYPACKAGE | subunit-1to2  | subunit2junitxml >results.xml

UPDATE: compatibility with the latest subunit

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