TagLib 1.8 released

I'm sorry this took longer than expected, but I've just released the final version of TagLib 1.8. There are a few changes compared to the beta version, see the change log below.


If you find any problems, please report them at the GitHub bug tracker.

Changes in 1.8 final:

  • Added support for OWNE ID3 frames.
  • Changed key validation in the new PropertyMap API.
  • ID3v1::Tag::setStringHandler will no londer delete the previous handler, the caller is responsible for this.
  • File objects will also no longer delete the passed IOStream objects. It should be done in the caller code after the File object is no longer used.
  • Added ID3v2::Tag::setLatin1StringHandler for custom handling of latin1-encoded text in ID3v2 frames.
  • Fixed validation of ID3v2 frame IDs (IDs with '0' were ignored).

Changes in 1.8 beta:

  • New API for accessing tags by name.
  • New abstract I/O stream layer to allow custom I/O handlers.
  • Support for writing ID3v2.3 tags.
  • Support for various module file formats (MOD, S3M, IT, XM).
  • Support for MP4 and ASF is now enabled by default.
  • Started using atomic int operations for reference counting.
  • Added methods for checking if WMA and MP4 files are DRM-protected.
  • Added taglib\_free to the C bindings.
  • New method to allow removing pictures from FLAC files.
  • Support for reading audio properties from ALAC and Musepack SV8 files.
  • Added replay-gain information to Musepack audio properties.
  • Support for APEv2 binary tags.
  • Many AudioProperties subclasses now provide information about the total number of samples.
  • Various small bug fixes.

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