Playing with IRCCloud...

Yesterday I got my invite to IRCCloud, which is a web-based IRC client, but unlike other similar clients, the IRC connection is on the server, so I stay connected even when I close my browser. The first thing I had trouble with, after switching from a customized IRSSI, was that all nicknames had the same color. I never realized how much I rely on nickname colors, but it seems that I'm too lazy to read the nicknames. I wanted to try writing some user scripts for Chrome and this seemed like a nice opportunity. I stole the coloring algorithm from MusicBrainz' chat logs and wrote this little script, which automatically sets a different color for nicknames in IRCCloud:

With this little hack, I can totally see myself moving away from IRSSI. IRCCloud seems a lot nicer than having to SSH to a server, even with the very basic functionality it has right now.

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