TagLib 1.6.1

TagLib 1.6.1 has been released. It's a minor bug-fix release. Main changes are content-based detection of .oga files, saving Vorbis Comments to Ogg FLAC files and support for cover art in MP4 files. Tarball is available here for now, later also on Scott's page, and updated API docs are here.

Detailed changelog:

  • Better detection of the audio codec of .oga files in FileRef.  (Bug #178602)
  • Fixed saving of Vorbis comments to Ogg FLAC files. TagLib tried to include the Vorbis framing bit, which is only correct for Ogg Vorbis. (Max bug #445970)
  • Public symbols now have explicitly set visibility to "default" on GCC.
  • Added missing exports for static ID3v1 functions.
  • Fixed a typo in taglib_c.pc
  • Fixed a failing test on ppc64.
  • Support for binary 'covr' atom in MP4 files. TagLib 1.6 treated them as text atoms, which corrupted them in some cases.
  • Fixed ID3v1-style genre to string conversion in MP4 files. (Bug #198238)

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